Episode 08: That’s My Brother

After Shanicqua’s surprise birthday party leads into a morning hang-over coffee with best friend Elysia, a secret is unwilling revealed that shifts the conversation and threatens the future of their relationship.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor – Nick Bacash


Elysia – Suzanne Ahmet

Shanicqua – Renée Alleyne

Renée is a seasoned commercial voiceover artist that has featured on numerous award-winning radio campaigns. Renée can currently be heard as the voice of KISS FM UK, Pure Gym and the University of Suffolk to name but a few. 

Suzanne is an Actor working across Screen, Stage and Voice.

She is delighted to have credits with BBC Doctors, EastEnders and Jonathan Creek, and most recently: Adult Material, C4.

She has worked in theatre since 2005.  Productions include The Ballad Of Marten, Eastern Angles and Matthew Linley Creative Projects; Homing Birds, Kali Theatre; Saint George and The Dragon and Peter Pan for The National Theatre; Hard Times, Northern Broadsides; The Hoard Festival, The New Vic, Newcastle Under-Lyme and The Winter’s Tale, Sheffield Crucible.  She has also worked as a development artist for Shakespeare’s Globe and The RSC.

2020 introduced Theatre On Film as a creative medium.  Suzanne loved working with Pursued By A Bear Productions and Kali Theatre, in this new way. 

In the Corporate sector, Suzanne has provided VO for Kineo, LEO Learning and Cats Are Not Peas.

She’s thrilled to be joining the Babble and Froth team, as Elysia in That’s My Brother.

Full Episode Breakdown:

Hung-over and in desperate need for coffee, best friend’s Shanicqua and Elysia catch up for a debrief on last night’s festivities. With a surprise birthday party for Shanicqua, where everyone on the street was invited, they discuss who wore what, why certain people even bothered to rock-up and how many diamonds there are in the bracelet her boyfriend bought for her.

Shanicqua is always bothered by the attention her brother receives; annoyed at the girls who just want to latch onto him because he’s about to graduate as a doctor; they don’t know how hard their mother has worked to provide an environment where they both can follow their dreams. In stark contrast is Elysia; her mother is an absolute mess and her father is nowhere to be seen.

Never one to dwell too much on sensitive issues, Shanicqua promptly moves the conversation back to the party, wanting to know who Elysia hooked up with after disappearing for an hour. Unknowingly, Shanicqua forces an answer she wasn’t prepared for, as Elysia reveals that she and Shanicqua’s brother Raffiel have been seeing each other. Stunned, Shanicqua can’t seem to grasp such a betray of her trust, instinctively going on the attack, believing she needs to protect her brother from someone who’s life is a complete mess.

Despite feeling cut open, Elysia understands Shaniqua’s need to protect her brother, trying to explain how unworthy she felt to receive such love, and that together they’re lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Unconvinced, Shanicqua continues her attack, finally saying something out character; Elysia is just a stupid mistake. Elysia’s need to defend herself reveals a life of torment, that everything she is made up of is the result of a daily battle of not being seduced by the darkness that surrounds her.

Elysia shows Shanicqua that her brother has help her believe that despite the torment of a life that experiences daily struggle, there is strength in her strength, and that she is worthy not only of her life, but of her future. Ashamed of her behaviour, Shanicqua finally allows herself to see the full picture. Acknowledging, despite her initial shock, her brother and Elysia are a couple that deserve to be together. With a friendship restored, Shanicqua and Elysia celebrate the beauty of love, and their continued sisterhood.