Episode 06: The Mum Dilemma

The Mum Dilemma is a comedy that follows a Mother and Son catching up for coffee, weeks after a confrontation due to the journalist Son exposing his parent’s close friends illegal business operation.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor – Nick Bacash


Mother – Jo Kemp

Son – Nick Bacash


Born and raised in Buckinghamshire, England, Jo’s passion for theatre began at the early age of thirteen when she won her first award for best Actor for comedy.

 Jo went on to study acting at the E.15 Acting School, in London before she Immigrated to Canada in her early twenties.

She has gone on to play such challenging roles as Shirley Valentine in SHIRLEY VALENTINE, Dolly Levi, in HELLO DOLLY, Mrs. Johnston in BLOOD BROTHERS, Mrs. Lovett in SWEENY TODD, Drowsy, in THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, Dorothy Brock in 42ND STREET, Fiona in HUMBLE BOY, and the split role of Anne Shankland/Sibyl Railton Bell in SEPARATE TABLES, Luisa in NINE, Mother in CAPTAIN COULIER at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL SHORT FILM, Balboa Mist – short film, Samantha -Fiona Foster in HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES, Marg in ABSENT FRIENDS, The Baroness in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Feature film Trish in BOLLY DOUBLE, Director: Petrichor Bharali, Madame Dubonne in THE BOYFRIEND, to name but a few.

Co-creator of ‘Babble and Froth’, Nick trained at the Melbourne Actors Studio, then left for London to pursue his passion for performing. After two years, several shows – one that was awarding winning ‘Sweet As’ – and an expiring visa, Nick returned to Melbourne where he continued his career, expanding to Television where he appeared in Neighbours and various commercials. 

A natural progression for Nick was in developing content, where he co-created theatre project ‘Stolen Moments’ – a monthly showcase of short scenes, that was performed in a theatre Nick and Rebecca built atop of a pub; now inspiring the format for ‘Babble and Froth’.

Moving back to London Nick continued pursuing his passion for developing content, where he produced and directed various projects with Huawei, Olympics, HSBC, Dove, Harper Collins, and worked with talented actors like Helena Christensen and David Walliams.

Never stopping his writing and passion for acting, Nick is excited to launch Babble and Froth, a scripted comedy/drama audio series set within a bustling local cafe, where audiences are invited to be a fly on the wall and experience the diversity of individual conversations with each episode.

Full Episode Breakdown:

It’s been a few weeks since Mother and Son have seen once another; the journalist Son exposed an illegal business operation that his parent’s close friends where operating. The Son uncovered that costumers placed down payment for a new kitchen build, only to find their money was used for fake tan and cruiser around the Caribbean. Being a part of the Surrey elite, the Mother understands that it’s a boy’s club with various dirty dealings, where a blind eye needs to be turned. What she is concerned about is her journalist Son looking to expose everyone’s little secrets, of which there are plenty. The tension portrays that of an overbearing mother that thinks she knows best, and a Son looking to make his mark in the world outside of the family’s empire.

With expectations that the Son would take over the family manufacturing business, instead leaving that burden to his idiot twin brothers – who just want to bang the staff – the Son pursues his passion of journalism. With a knack for it, he obtains early success; much to the dismay of his Mother who enjoys belittling his chosen profession. There’re various comedy-rich back and forth moments between them, which is broken up by the Mothers need to understand whether the waiter has chosen to work at the café as a career choice, or if it’s a “job in the meantime”.

The Son just wants to experience one time where his Mother doesn’t abuse a random person or question his life choices. And almost right on cue, the inevitably conversation about his romantic life pops up, which his Mother has systematically helped ruin because she tends to tell his partners exactly what she thinks of them.

There is a moment in however when the Son points out that his upbringing seemed different to others and that he couldn’t remember a time when his dad wasn’t always working. With great ambition comes sacrifice, and despite this the Mother never wanted her children to be raised by nannies – like the rest of the surrey elite – she is proud of being a parent who is present.

The Mum’s honesty provided an insight the Son hadn’t appreciated, and together they acknowledge the faults of the past, and look to build a stronger future of respect and acceptance for one another’s choices.