Episode 04: The Cheater

Michelle and Emily catch up for coffee every Saturday, a ritual that dates back to school days. However, today is different, Michelle has enjoyed a coffee outside their usual setting, revealing a resentment Michelle has been holding onto for some time, forcing Emily to revaluate everything about the future of their friendship.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor – Nick Bacash


Michelle –  Kelsey Griffin

Emily – Karise Yansen

Kelsey is a Scottish actress and VO artist, and has recently graduated from Italia Conti in July. She was part of the Carleton Hobbs (BBC) 2020 Radio Team and a recent first-place winner of ‘The Voice Distillery Voice-Over Competition’. 

Since the beginning of lockdown, she has been involved with numerous audio dramas including many of which are featured on Apple Podcasts, and she currently plays the role of Brida, in ‘Daughter of Fire and Water’, produced by Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Podcast. 

Karise is a BRIT School, and recent East 15 graduate. She made her professional debut in BBC’s Enterprice and the upcoming feature film with Feline Films and Focus Features. 

She narrated the audiobook for Louise Hare’s. This Lovely City, HQ’s major book release. She also has extensive theatre experience, most recently working with Shakespeare’s Globe.

Full Episode Discription:

Emily has been waiting patiently in the cafe for twenty minutes, something she is very used to as her best friend Michelle’s tardiness hasn’t change despite catching up for coffee every Saturday since school. Michelle finally arrives, possessing a giddiness from spending the whole morning talking to a mutual friend that has delivered the goss to end all goss.

Suddenly, Emily realises something and promptly asks Michelle if she’s already had a coffee. With a bashfulness that reveals all, Michelle tries to brush off the incident as a fleeting moment that didn’t mean anything. Aghast, Emily doesn’t care what it felt like, she is only concerned that for the first time, Michelle has broken a tradition that they’ve shared for over 6 years; every Saturday they catch up for coffee.

Although apologetic, Michelle seizes the moment to come clean about their prearranged catch-up, that for some time she has questioned why they always do the same thing; it’s always one coffee, sharing a muffin, and never anything else. Michelle wants to be adventurous; she wants to feel the excitement of exercising her right to choose whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She’s sick of always having to adhere to an idea that once may have been enough, but since getting older, now just seems boring.

Emily is trying to come to terms with Michelle’s honesty, but isn’t ready to change what they have, believing their ritual is uniquely special, and anything else is self-indulgent. As they both look to the future of a friendship that seems to have split in two paths, Michelle implores Emily to approve the nature of progression.

Although Emily isn’t ready to shake up too much of her comfortable zone, she acknowledges Michelle’s need to try new things; something she needs to accept, believing the importance of their friendship provides so much more together than a part. As a show of moving forward, she orders them a muffin each; leaving Michelle grateful that her needs are also being met.