Episode 03: The Grind

Leo has been invited out for a coffee after matching with Doug on a dating app.

An excited but nervous Leo waits for him to arrive. The two meet and get chatting about their interests and really hit it off.

All is not as it seems, as Doug reveals why he wanted to meet Doug.

Could this be the beginning of something special?

Writer/Director/Producer – Rebecca Jo Hanbury

Editor – Nick Bacash


Oliver – Garnon Davies

Doug – Nick Bacash

Garnon is a Welsh speaking actor, best known for his TV appearances. 

These include a 5 year regular spot in Hollyoaks, Holby City, Stella, Doctors, Da Vinci’s Demons, Dublin Murders and Parch. 

He is a regular voice on BBC Radio 4, where he’s been part of the radio company for the last 5 years. 

Before the wonder that is Covid, Garnon was a regular on the comedy circuit with his Sketch group “The Quiches Lorraine”, most recently performing at the Glee Club. In his spare time, Garnon enjoys Angling.


Co-creator of ‘Babble and Froth’, Nick trained at the Melbourne Actors Studio, then left for London to pursue his passion for performing. After two years, several shows – one that was awarding winning ‘Sweet As’ – and an expiring visa, Nick returned to Melbourne where he continued his career, expanding to Television where he appeared in Neighbours and various commercials. 

A natural progression for Nick was in developing content, where he co-created theatre project ‘Stolen Moments’ – a monthly showcase of short scenes, that was performed in a theatre Nick and Rebecca built atop of a pub; now inspiring the format for ‘Babble and Froth’.

Moving back to London Nick continued pursuing his passion for developing content, where he produced and directed various projects with Huawei, Olympics, HSBC, Dove, Harper Collins, and worked with talented actors like Helena Christensen and David Walliams.

Never stopping his writing and passion for acting, Nick is excited to launch Babble and Froth, a scripted comedy/drama audio series set within a bustling local cafe, where audiences are invited to be a fly on the wall and experience the diversity of individual conversations with each episode.