The Babble & Froth Podcast

Babble & Froth is a comedy/drama audio series set within a bustling local cafe, where audiences are invited to be a fly on the wall and experience the diversity of individual conversations with each episode.


Series One

Episode 01: 2020

2020 is a comedy that follows the banter of former acquaintances Mike and Sarah turned quarantine buddies, as they catch up for coffee and discuss their experiences during a...

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Episode 02: Laptop Sale

Amelia has arranged to meet Stacey, an online seller, who she is hoping to a purchase a second hand laptop from. The two stay for a coffee, get chatting and...

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Episode 03: The Grind

Leo has been invited out for a coffee after matching with Doug on a dating app. An excited but nervous Leo waits for him to arrive. The two meet and...

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Episode 04: The Cheater

Michelle and Emily catch up for coffee every Saturday, a ritual that dates back to school days. However, today is different, Michelle has enjoyed a coffee outside their usual...

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Episode 05: Hi Paula

Paula has finally agreed to meet with her ex of two years Greg. They reminisce over the few chance meetings they’ve had over the past two years. Greg caused...

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Episode 06: The Mum Dilemma

The Mum Dilemma is a comedy that follows a Mother and Son catching up for coffee, weeks after a confrontation due to the journalist Son exposing his parent’s close...

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Episode 07: Blind Date No.4

Em arrives at the café for a date with Chris. Em is on a mission to find a nice guy, with the help of her friends and a dating...

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Episode 08: That’s My Brother

After Shanicqua’s surprise birthday party leads into a morning hang-over coffee with best friend Elysia, a secret is unwilling revealed that shifts the conversation and threatens the future of...

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Episode 09: A Time to Celebrant

Gill the celebrant has called a meeting with Husband and Wife to be Joanne and Jack. Gill is very particular about who she marries and has taken previous couples...

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Episode 10: The Consensual Adultery

The Consensual Adultery is a comedy that looks at the nature of what’s acceptable in modern relationships. Tom is trying to come to terms with being the lover in...

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